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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will you dress up for Halloween?

When I was young, I couldn't wait for Halloween to arrive. I loved being outside when it was dark and watching all the other kids and parents as they Trick or Treated for their candy bounty. I was always a ballerina. Yes! Tutu, tights and all. Of course I couldn't wear my ballet slippers, so mom would let me where my special white patent leather shoes. What a fun night it was.
Now I'm older and it's rare that I dress up anymore...I can't really say why. My kids have fun with it now. Just a few days ago I was going through our closets and found a Halloween costume that belonged to my youngest son. How it managed to stay there and not be passed to someone else, I'll never know. So now, I've got a really cute, plushy giraffe costume listed on Ebay, just waiting to find a new lucky boy or girl to costume. If you want more details, please check it out.


Katie said...

Hi Rechelle! What a nice costume that is! My sweet teeny g'daughter will be dressing up for her first Halloween as an octopus! Can't wait to see that! Happy Tuesday!

Michele said...

Hi Rechelle ~ what a cute outfit! I bet your son looked adorable! Hope it sells on eBay!


Dawn said...

I think I only dressed up a handful of times as an adult. Now, I tell people I'm going as a "mother". :)

That is a cute costume you've put on ebay.

My son mostly dressed up as super heroes. I saved all of his costumes and he would play with them all year long.

We just passed on a Batman outfit to my granddaughter. Yes, that is what she wants to be LOL!

take care,

Linda said...

I love Halloween...we went to a fun party last year and our friends are having another one this year. I'm always a witch and that's what I'll be again this year...too fun.
That is a cute costume just waiting for for a little trick or treater....hugs, Linda

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Rechelle; I love the Halloween costume so cute. I loved to dress up when I was a young one. I made up my own, from a princess to a hobo. All kinds. I think the ones you make up yourself are so much better then the store bought ones, except for the one you have. It looks so much better when what I see a Wal Mart.

Have a great tomorrow.


Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Sweet costume! Memories!!!!


Liz Harrell said...

Aw that's precious! If they had it in adult size, I'd wear it. :)

Gabriela said...


I will dress up for Vanessa's party this coming Saturday.
Come and check it out!

~ Gabriela ~

Christie said...

Oh Halloween is so much fun....we always love this time of the year too. What a cute costume. I bet it will make some child very happy...I bet it brings back sweet memories for you!