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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three or More Thursday & Help me decide...

I had all ready posted for today, then I saw Tam's "Three or More Thursday" and wanted in on the fun :0). It made for one lllooonnnggg entry. Thanks for taking the time!

Happy first Three or More Thursday!!! So graciously hosted by Tam @ The Gypsy's Corner. Be sure to pay her a visit for more "Three or More" paraders.
I"m going to share a collection of Pigs that my hubby actually started. I happen to like pigs, I think they're cute and actually even asked for a potbelly as a pet, but alas my hubs said "nay!" (or is that oink!) So instead he began gifting me with these little figurines. Each figurine represents something about us and our life together.

Here we have us as (from left to right) as two little piggies just hugging and loving each other. The second pig is down on his knee, popping the big question, the third figurine shows two pigs on their wedding day, and the fourth figurine he gave to me when we had our first child together. Sorry for the quality, my camera is not cooperating for this shot.
Here is the entire collection. Different figurines for different things that are unique to us. That pig on the motorcycle for example-my hubs used to ride a Harley. The pig at the juke box because my hubs plays guitar and sings, the pig couple in back is "us" and is called "my sweet valentine". I don't display them like I used to and they are put away for now (little hands about) but I always thought how sweet the gesture for my hubs to go out and take the time to find specifically themed figures that "could" represent us.
Help! I've had this cabinet for almost twelve years and I've yet to do anything with it. It's unfinished and in desperate need of a facelift. It only stands about 5'8" or so and as you can see the shelves are not very big or deep (that pic is a 5x7 frame). I've thought about painting it but I'm not sure which way to go with it. My living area is yellow (wickerware) and the molding, trim work and ceiling are white. The eating/dining area have the colors that are in the living area since it's all one big room. I have two end tables and a coffee table that are pine, that I'll be painting in an antique white color. Do I paint this piece the same color or do I take it another direction? The accent colors in the room are red, with some green. The curtains are Waverly Pantry Plaid in Crimson/Ecru. I posted a picture of the eating area so you can get a better idea of the colors/accents in the room. The white serving cart will eventually make it's way into the kitchen area, so the only furniture piece that will be white, will be the table and chairs, but I'm also thinking of giving these a facelift as well. I think I'm just over thinking the whole thing and it's causing me doubt. What are your thoughts. Be honest, but gentle :0). Thanks very much!

Thanks very much for stopping by and saying Hi! I hope you have a fantastic day!


carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

The great thing about paint, is that's just paint! LOL! I think you are going in the right direction. A soft white or off white would look great and go well with what you already have. Now if it was for my house, I'd either paint it black or cranberry red! LOL!
See what I mean? Paint lets us change our minds if we don't like it the first, second or third time around?
Good luck! And have a great day!

Neabear said...

I'm with Carolyn, start with the soft white or off white would be great. You can always try another color if that doesn't work. Good Luck!

Dawn said...

Your pig collection is very cute!!! How thoughtful of your husband :)

I am the WORST person to ask for decorating advice. I am a simple, plain, do nothing to it kind of girl!

Good luck with your decision.

take care,

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Hi Rechelle,
thank you for stopping by my blog and participating and with that kicking off the first "Three Or More" Thursday. I'm hoping over time more will join us and add their entries on Thursdays to my Mr.Linky.
I love your pig collection and having little meanings with each little figure makes them even more special. Even though you may have been dissapointed that your Hubby opted for the figurines instead of a live potbelly pig just think how much harder it would be to put that real one away...LOL
On your painting project I would go with the antique white you mentioned, you can always change it if you don't like it.
Have a Happy Halloween tomorrow and enjoy your evening,

Anonymous said...

Rechelle, I so agree with Carolyn, not white though. Pick up the red (not bright) and it will look awesome. I have seen some of my blogging friends paint a low boy or a cabinet red and it was beautiful. You already use it for an accent. I will say this, you must prime and sand the heck out of it for a smooth satin look. Check out the french country reds. If you hate that go black. You asked, and I always love to give my opinion. Smile!

Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed my post.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you how much I loved your pig collection. I like that they are all made by the same company and that they have collector pigs. I love the one on the motorcycle. Oh heck they are all cute. A fun collection. It is neat that your husband has an interest in them too.


Traci @ The Bakery said...

Yep, I say RED...and then sand it to look rustic. Have you see where people are putting wall paper on the back wall? Vintage a coordinating color. Oh, I can't wait to see it.....

Angie said...

I would paint that little cabinet a black semigloss and display something with lots of color on it. The cranberry colors that already have look fabulous with black..have you ever seen the Country Curtains catalog? There are some neat inspirational ideas in there!

Susie Q said...

I have to agree with other posters here...cranberry red


Hi Rechelle,
I'm thinking white/cream or black, you can always paint it again if it doesn't work:) or maybe red...Just have fun and try it. Your piggy collection is cute. Have a great weekend.