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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let the decorating begin...finally!

So I've been a bit behind in my "Fall Decorating" (okay, more then a bit), mostly because I couldn't find my stuff! Hubby put it away for me last year, and when we went in search of it (Back in the beginning of September!) we couldn't find it. I've been looking ever since. Yesterday I was in the garage, looking for something else, and wouldn't you know it? I found my stuff! It was in a place I know I've checked at least a dozen times before. All I had to do was move the box that was in front of it, just a wee bit more to the right and I would have seen it. Geez! So anyway, I dragged the box out, pulled everything out, made sure no spiders or any other little pest has made the box a home over the past year. Nope! All clear! I dragged the box into the house and today I'll start my decorating. Good thing I can keep my Autumn decorations up until Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that can lose BIG BOXES of things! ha ha... Looks like you are going to have FUN today! Can't wait to see photos of your place with all that fall decor set around! And how cute is that costume! You should post pix of your son wearing it... I'm going to be scanning some old photos of my girls for a few future posts, all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! (They grow up too quickly!!)...Donna

Kim's Treasures said...

I am way behind too! I'm not sure if it'll get done or not :( I just don't feel inspired yet. How sad. I am enjoying everyone elses here on the blogs! Looking forward to seeing yours!

Michele said...

ooooo, I can't wait to see how you decorate!!!



Hi Rechelle,
Thanks for the visit and good luck with the decorating, I'm already tired of my Fall stuff and I'm ready to move on to Christmas! LOL. That's what happens when you put it up early!
P.S. Love how your curtain for your door turned out.

Dawn said...

I can look at something dozens of times and not see it! I'm glad you found your box of decorations. Have fun putting them up. We just got ours up this weekend.

take care,

Carrie said...

I finally located my box of fall items just a week ago.


Yes....Let the Fall decoraing Begin..can't wait to see it all:)
We are invited to a costume party and I don't know what to be/wear??
Guess I'll have to find something at the thrift store..soon:)

Christie said...

Oh how cute, I love your fall make me crack up, the way you describe checking everything out good, for creepy crawlers....before bringing the things in the house from the boxes in the storage room! Sounds just like me! LOL!