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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Artwork on the cheap...

As you all ready know my kitchen has been undergoing a face lift. We've had to put the major stuff, such as counter tops and flooring, on hold. I've been in a creative and decorating funk for so long, nothing I've seen or "imagined" has held my interest for very long. I've been trying to think of ways to add accessories on the cheap and try and repurpose or re use what I all ready have. Here's my "idea" of artwork on the cheap.

I took two old oak frames I all ready had and sprayed them black. I then got online and started looking for inspiration. I hit blog after blog, online magazine sites and "new home" sites to check out the staging. Still, nothing caught me. Then I started focusing on what I like and what I thought would "speak" for my little house.
WHAM!!! Okay...House was built in 1954 and my idea was born. I got online and looked up "what it cost 1954", added some vintage-y clip art and "created" this...

What it cost


House: $22,000

Average income: $3,960

Ford car: $1548-$2415

Milk: $.92

Gas: $.21

Bread $.17

Postage stamp: $.03

Swiss Cheese: $ .69 lb.

American Cheese: $.55 lb.

T-Bone steak : $.95 lb.

Del Monte Catsup (2) 14.oz bottles: $.25

Post Grape Nuts cereal - 10 .oz pkg: $.19

Clorox Bleach - 1/2 gal.: $.19

20 gallon gas water heater $75.

Semi-automatic Kenmore washer: $154.95

I centered it, printed it up and framed it.

Then again I searched on line and found this...

It's the inside of an old Woolworth's coffee shop/soda shop menu. Circa 1956. I printed that up and framed it as well. I'll probably play with the "cost" print out as I need to center it a bit better, but for'll do :0)

Art/Accessories on the cheap.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday 2/26

Happy Thursday everyone! It's time for Vintage Thingies Thursday, which is probably one of my favorite "events" of the week. VTT is hosted by the wonderful Suzanne @ Colorado Lady. Be sure to pay her a visit and see who else rolls vintage.

This week I had a whole other post of vintage goodies to share but I'll need to work on re-sizing the pictures, so perhaps next week :0). This week I'll show something I've shared before, but is never-the-less dear to my heart.
This is my china cabinet. I'm the third generation to own it. On the first shelf you'll see my collection of Princess House/Hammersley China in vintage rose. My mother had this set, but after many earthquakes over the years, most of the pieces were lost. I've probably two pieces left from her original set. The rest I've replaced as I was able to. You'll see I've two creamers and two sugar bowls. One pair was mom's and the other pair I obtained when I purchased pieces that were grouped together as a "lot".
Some pieces displayed with a vintage table cloth.
Here's the second shelf. Aside from the crystal tea pot, the other pieces are all vintage. Including the crystal creamer and sugar bowl set. The china was passed to my mother from a great Aunt. Then when mom passed, the set was given to me.
Thanks for stopping by and spending some of your Thursday with me. May the rest of your day be GREAT !!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three or More Tuesday and I need your help...

Happy Tuesday to you all. Three or more Tuesday is hosted by Tam @ The Gypsy's Corner. Be sure to pay her a visit and see who else is sharing their "3's". Better yet, why don't you join in the fun?!

Three & More Shamrocks...

Okay, here is where I need some input, opinions and thoughts. This table drives me absolutely nuts. I cannot stand it's straight lines at all, yet I cannot seem to part with it. It's just an old aquarium table/stand that hubbs and I picked up at a yard sale over 12 years ago. I've tried storing it and seems to call to me "Take me out Rechelle! Take me out!". I know it sounds weird but I simply cannot part with the table, so here is where I need your help. Since I cannot stand it's look I need to give it a make over. I figure that is a nice little compromise. My decor is a country-cottagey type look. I've thought of painting it and I can see a nice creamy color on this old table, but perhaps it needs more...Right now it's rather rustic and "hard". It really needs some softening and feminizing. What can we do with those legs??? Your suggestions are very much appreciated. Ha! Just realized this could part of a our "3 or more" theme as well. Look at all those Christmas Decorations!

(edited to add that I've been trying to post to some blogs but can't get past the word verification)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue Monday 2/23 & If The Shoe Fits...

It's Monday and you know what that means? It's time for Blue Monday. Hosted by her graciousness herself... Sally @ Smiling Sally. Be sure to pay her a visit and check out who's doing it in blue today :0)

I know I've shared the corningware (love it), but someone please explain to me, when did my Pyrex become "vintage"? LOL! This is actually a piece I was gifted back in 1984. It was part of a nesting set, but alas, all these years later this is the only one that remains. That's what happens when you live in an earthquake zone. This lovely little blue gem happens to be my cereal bowl :0). Crazy to think that it's 25 years old! Gotta love the Pyrex! Gotta love the Corningware!

Thank you for the visit! May the rest of your day be great!

Sweet Kathy over at Mimi's Garden is a lovely and wonderful bloggerina whom I've loved getting to know. She's kind, creative (check out her latest post!) shares wonderful thoughts and recipes too! She awarded me the...If the Shoe Fits, Wear It! Award: Finding the Heart and “Sole” of Friendship. Thank you so much Kathy! You made my day!!!
I'd like to give this award to some of my fellow bloggerinas.

1. Donna @ Simplicity Cottage
2. Tracy @ A comfy Little Place of my Own
3. Heidi Pocketbook @ Bargain Hunting In The Corn
4. Lilly @ Lilly Loves

You'll love them all!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday 2/21

Hip Hip Hooray! It's time for Pink Saturday! This polka pink party is hosted by our wonderful Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound. Be sure to pinky charm your way to her place and see who else is parading their Pink today!

The first suburb of our metropolis city is not to far from here and the homes there are absolutely magnificent. Here is just one example of the beauty that is there. This is the Charles C. Haskin Victorian Residence. Circa 1894. (Photo by Martin) Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?! What a gift to be able to sit on that porch on a warm summer's evening while sipping sweet lemonade.
Most of the homes on this one avenue have been lovingly refurbished and restored to their original grandeur. In fact, for you handy dandy DIYers, one of the stately Victorians came on the market, a fixer upper even. Listing price was over $1,000,000. Pshaw, pocket change, LOL! Can you just imagine the stories this grand old lady could share?! The secrets, the scandals, and all the wonderful memories in between. It's been my lifelong dream to actually own (keep) a home such as this, sigh*** Til then (cough!), we take drives around our fair metropolis and make that left down this wonderful Avenue...where one can think and imagine fine ladies with parasols, almost hear the clippity clop of the horses hooves as they pull the gleaming carriages, and remember that bygone era...

Thanks for spending a bit of your Saturday with me. I hope you'll let me know you were here!

The Pink Ladies Pledge...THINK PINK !!!

(fyi, Please forgive me if I am unable to get to your post. I've actually been recovering from surgery and my "sitting" time at the computer has been very limited. Thanks for understanding)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday 2/19

It's time for Vintage Thingies Thursday, hosted by Suzanne @ Colorado Lady. Be sure to stop on by and see who else is sharing their vintage treasures.

This week I'm sharing the vintage treasures I have the privilege to enjoy every day and every evening. I like to surround myself with items that have history and character. I seem to find great comfort in knowing that "they" have survived through time to be enjoyed and cared for, yet again, until they are passed on to another who will treasure them as I do.

A vintage lady's mirror. My father found this when I was just a little girl. He used to work construction and he was at a dig prepping the ground for new construction. He came upon this mirror buried deep in the debris. I can't help but wonder who it belonged to and the stories it could tell. I often imagine a lady preparing to go out in the evening, eyeing her reflection in the mirror. Touching up her hair, checking her powder and hoping for a grand time to be had...

currently it makes it's home on the vanity in my bedroom. Which is actually another vintage treasure
My hubbs gifted me with this vanity when we were just starting our lives as a married couple. He was out working some overtime one Saturday when he came upon a yard sale. Lo and Behold, this beauty was there, just calling to him. He phoned me, said he had seen something he thought I would like and suggested I drive down to meet him. I got there and we purchased it right off. The simple fact that my hubbs knows and appreciates my love for such items is a treasure in itself and believe me, I know "he's a keeper".
In the mirror you see our bed. These are some vintage pillow cases I was fortunate to find on Ebay. I love, love, love Ebay!!!
Our bed "dressed". Don't worry. Hubbs is the best. He always takes my "pretties" and places them on the wicker chest next to our vintage chair. I told ya' he's a keeper! lol!
Another Saturday when hubbs and I were out and about. He'd seen a sign for an Estate sale the day before, and we decided we'd take a chance to see if there was anything left that "we" (really I, lol) would like. He found the chair and again it was a perfect fit to me and my taste.
Thanks for spending a bit of your Thursday with me. I hope the rest of your day is GREAT!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pink Saturday 2/14 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S EVERYONE! What better way to celebrate Pink Saturday then with a view of one of the longest lasting couples in Hollywood History. It's none other then Miss Piggy and her beloved Kermit the Frog. Isn't it sweet to see the love glow in her eyes as she gazes upon a picture of her handsome frog? Can't you just hear her saying "Oh Kermie, Kermie!" and Green, vibrant and strong Kermit responding "Yes Piggy!".

(these images are not my own but I was unable to get a name to give the proper credit)
I do have this particular jewelery/trinket box, given to me on my 13th birthday, from my mother. I was unable to upload my own images as I am having computer issues.

Now be sure to visit Beverly @ How sweet the Sound and see who else is parading pink on this Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday 2/12

Vintage Thingies Thursday is hosted by Suzanne, The Colorado Lady
Be sure to pay her a visit and see who else is rolls vintage...

This is something I've shared on my blog before, but I've met so many new bloggerina's, I thought it would be a perfect addition to Vintage Thingies Thursday.

It's a Christening Gown. I, as well as my two daughters were Christened in this gown. It was made for me.
Notice the hand embroidery...This detailing is also on the skirt of the gown but I was unable to get a good shot of it.
This is the underskirt...
The gown...
And cap. The embroidery was never completed on this. I've thought about having someone "finish" it, but that's all I've done...just "think" about it.Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me. I hope you'll let me know you were here. May the rest of your day be great!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday 2/11

Wordless Wednesday is hosted by Dixie @ French Lique, Texas. Be sure to pay her a visit and see who else "isn't" using their words...

This week's theme:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

It's "Three or More" on it's new day...TUESDAY! Our hostess with the mostest is Tam @ The Gypsy's Corner. Be sure to pop on over and see what surprises she has in store and to see who else is parading 3's and more :0)

Today is all about three's

Three Roses "just because"...
Three & More Avocados... Mmmm
Three & More vintage table linens...
I also want to give a big shout out to Elaine over "At Home 'n' About
She gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger award and I want to say THANK YOU! Elaine is a new blogging buddy and I know I'll have a wonderful time getting to know more about her. There are some rules that go along with the award. First you put the award on your sidebar, then you have to list seven things you love. Finally you present the award to seven other bloggers and notify them on their site.
Here goes!

1. I love the central coast of California.
2. I love watching the sun rise.
3. I love having quiet time at night, after everyone's gone to bed.
4. I love hearing a baby's laugh.
5. I love the smell of freshly dried laundry.
6. I love the way my hubby smells
7. I love my family.

Trying to pick seven is tough and this meme makes me think of Valentine's and "love". So why don't you take it, share what you love and be sure to let me know. I'd like to visit you and see what your "loves" are.
Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue Monday & My first Met Monday

Hey There! Happy Monday and I hope your day has been a good one so far. Today I'm participating in my very first "Metamorphosis Monday", hosted by Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch- as well as "Blue Monday", which is hosted by the very gracious Sally @ Smiling Sally. Be sure to pop on over to both and see who else is sharing today.

Opening one's mail can be such a wonderful and surprising time. Debbie @ Garage Sale Gal sent me one of her handmade Valentine cards, made with vintage Valentines. Isn't it too cute? See the blue on the sweet little girl's hat? See the blue pants that lovey bear is wearing? I'd say it "counts" for Blue Monday? Wouldn't you?


As I stated earlier, this is my very first "Met Monday". I'm going to start off "small", but you'll see that a major metamorphosis has occurred...

Daisy Louise
Poodle PUFF
Daisy Louise "Froo Froo"
You just gotta love those bows! LOL!
I'm sorry her "after" picture isn't larger, but I couldn't get the darn thing to re size (grrr). This pic was taken with my cell phone. I know you can see how much of a change she's gone through. Ahhh, thank God for groomers :0)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Show & Tell Friday 2/6

Yay! It's that time again kiddies! Time for Show & Tell Friday (crowd cheers). S&TF is happily hosted by Kelli @ There is No place like home.

Today I'm sharing some vintage jewelery pieces that used to belong to my mother. The pearl and crystal pin and earring set (clip earrings at that!) sparkle beautifully when the light hits them. The silver/blue pin is so classic in it's simplicity. I used to use the silver one on my black beret. It gave it a bit of added pizazz. Yes,believe it or not, I do use these pieces.
(click to enlarge)
Thanks for visiting and saying "Hi!". Don't forget to pop on over to Kelli's and see who else is sharing today.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My first Vintage Thingies Thursday...

I've enjoyed seeing others vintage treasures and decided that I would join this week. Vintage Thingies Thursday is hosted by Suzanne @ Colorado Lady. Be sure to stop by and see who else is sharing their vintage treasures.

When we decided to give our kitchen a much needed face lift, I knew I wanted to keep my original cabinets and restore the hinges. The cabinets are very large and the quality surpasses that of which is available in the home improvement stores today. I also wanted to try and keep the kitchen appearance "cozy" and "welcoming" without being over the top. If you want to see the progress we've made so far "kitchen wise" you can click on the slide show in my sidebar.

In the kitchen the cabinets and hinges had been painted, re-painted, and painted again. After lots of work and elbow grease, this is how my hinges look now. I think they came out great! What do you think?

before (front)

before (back)
before (bagged and numbered to coincide with it's original door)

after (front)

after (back)

restored !!!

Here they are!
Coordinated with new "vintage style" hardware

Thank you for spending a bit of your day with me. I hope the rest of your day is a happy one!