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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thoughts on a budoir

After Cookie's introduction and tour of my bedroom, I realized it was a place I rarely "share" with anyone (aside from hubby). Come on in and take a peek. Like the rest of the house, it is a work in progress...
Hubby found this vanity for me. He was out working one Saturday and passed a yard sale and this "gal" was sitting there waiting for someone to give "her" a new home. He called me up, told me of his find and that he'd bought it for me. While it is not at "old" as I normally like, it's cute and the simple fact that my hubby immediately thought to buy it for me when he saw it, makes it a very special piece to me. I had contemplated painting it, but the finish and condition of this vanity is still very good. I like to think it gives the room a "warm" feeling.
Some of my treasures. The Tiffany style lamp is another gift from hubby. He gave this to me as a Christmas gift during our very first Christmas together as a married couple.
See the hand mirror? That comes with a story. My father used to work construction many years ago. He was on a job site digging when he came upon the mirror. He brought it home, got off the dirt and mud and gave it to my mom. It was passed to me after she passed on. I don't know what era it comes from or how old it is, but my dad mentioned that the site he was working on, formally had old Victorian homes on it. I can't help but wonder if this was a gentle lady's hand mirror and what she may have been like. Was she a socialite? Was she happy? Imagine. An era of corsets and propriety...
A closer look...
That's hubby & I on our wedding day. Kiss, Kiss! Always remember to kiss me good-night (or anytime you want!). This is my absolute favorite picture of us on our wedding day. It's natural, not posed and we're being silly. My plan is to enlarge it & crop out some of the background.
There's my "Holly Hobby" jewelery box. An aunt gave that to me when I was 6 years old. Anyone else remember Holly Hobby?
This nightstand is a thrift store find. It reminded me of the ones my brother had in his room. I'm thinking it looks very 60's. I'm still not sure what I want to do with it though. Should I paint it white? Perhaps a green? Ideas?
I love having fresh flowers in the house. Who needs a fancy vase? A plain jar works just great and I love the simplicity of the look. That little bunny is another gift from hubby. He gave that to me the first Easter we spent together as a couple. That runner is actually a valance and my jewelery tray is actually a relish dish from my dinnerware set. I love re-purposing things to suit my needs.
Some vintage jewelery.
A nice cozy place to sit and read...
Hubby found this chair at an estate sale. It's so comfortable!
The wicker chest is a thrift store find and is another project waiting to be completed.

Under these blue carpets is solid oak hardwoods. One day, we'll get to uncover that bit of treasure and bring it back to it's former glory. I'm also thinking that I may like to paint the walls a nice soft green or perhaps a sage green. Decisions, decisions.


Anna Marie said...

Hey Rechelle, I LOVE that old hand mirror. Amazing story as well! Hey, did you get my message with my email address in it? I really want to get your magazine to you :o)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful treasures you've shared here. I adore that old dressing table mirror & the story behind it. Your hubby sounds like a keeper, for sure. I'm lucky to have one that surprises me with treasures quite often, toO!

Angelic Accents