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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good Day Sunshine...

I walked into my diningroom and noticed a really pretty sight. The sun was shining through the back window and illuminating the jars and cake plate I have sitting on the server. I found it to be so pretty, I thought I'd share. I know the last picture is a bit "off", but I wanted you to see anyway. Oh! And you are seeing my latest Ebay score. That tablecloth! Later I'll post pics of our living/dining area as it's one of the most "finished" of all our rooms. You've probably all ready noticed, but the colors I have in my living/dining area are the ones I will be carrying into my kitchen. I think it will make for a more cohesive look and fool the eye into thinking it's a larger space then what it really is.
I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Rechelle, I love your color combination... Your kitchen is so cheery looking! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for my dad. They meant so much to both of us!...Donna

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Beautiful scene!
Thank you for visiting Rechelle and for your sweet comments. I'm flattered that you would like to add me... by all means! :p