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Friday, July 11, 2008

Setting Pretty...

Still working on those 28 cabinet hinges...
In the meantime I wanted to share some of my "pretties". This past Mother's Day came with a gift that really appealed to my girly side.
Knowing my love for tablecloths, my hubby took our two youngest children and did some shopping. This is what they came home with. Our eight year old picked it out. Does he know his momma or what? I love the color, embroidery and detailing.
All dressed up...
Oops! Spoon askew. I flipped the edge of the napkin so you could see the detailing. The tablecloth came with 8 cloth napkins. Must mention this! The napkins were folded by my eight , oh excuse me- I stand corrected- by my 8 1/2 year old son.
All the water goblets were passed to me. They were my mom's.
See that cake plate? That's one of my latest thrift store finds. Just $7.
The dishware I purchased over 22 years ago. Where has the time gone?
Is it my turn to be seated? Where are the treats?



Hi Rechelle,

I love the dog!! Looks like it's part poodle?? Also I really enjoy your blog. I've been a stepmom for 18+ years. WOW. That's another story, and a very long one..anyway come visit me sometime and I'll be back to visit you. Warmly, Deb

Lettered Cottage said...

GREAT pics Rechelle!
And thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me well while I was sick. I really appreciate it!
Glad you liked the new kitchen knobs felt like such a big decision. Which is crazy, because worse case scenario- I can just take them off, right!? :-) Ha!