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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Fever

SPRING FEVER: n.- A feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness brought on by the coming of spring.

I've been tackling my Spring Cleaning "to do" list, (hmm, this must be the restlessness) and I'm happy to report that the kitchen got a major scrub down. I literally spent most of the day tackling this chore. There were times where I smiled to myself because I realized just how obvious it is that there are "young uns" in this house. Hand prints and finger prints were everywhere, just "so high". I found lego pieces under my fridge, army men under my's rather interesting the things that one can find in these dark & dusty places. I am happy to say I found a silver earring I'd been searching for since last Summer. I have no idea how it made it's way under my fridge, but there it was...all covered in dust and grime and the aftermath of spills that were never quite reachable (since they were under a major appliance!) Eww, is right!

I also did a bit of "thrifty decorating" again.

I think it also added a bit more personality to the kitchen.




Yup! They've become "pulls"! They're a bit "askew" (darn me and my "crooked" eyes) but lets just say that adds "character". Yes, I thought you'd agree with me :0)
Sigh* A nice shiny clean kitchen and "new" pulls= HAPPINESS (this must be the excitement part of Spring Fever).
(Ha! Just noticed that I didn't close the cabinet door and the lid on my bread box isn't set right! Well, just goes to show that not everything is perfect in a real life working kitchen. )

I also want to give a bit SHOUT OUT to my hubbs. He puts up with all my "ideas/suggestions" and is usually the one to bring those "ideas/suggestions" to fruition.
Babe! You Rock!!!


Harbor Hon said...

Very nice idea for the pulls. I love your kitchen. I'm still not in the Spring cleaning mood yet, but I'll get there. xxoo

Blondie's Journal said...


Love your playlist right up front!! Great tunes! ;-)

Your kirchen cleaning brought back a great memory of when we moved out a built~in bookshelve in our living room and found some really vintage, tiny toys from previous owners. I wish I had saved them. And I have had some fun on occasion when we pull out appliances to clean and find old pacifyers and tiny dolls (and my girls are teenagers now!!)

Happy spring cleaning! It is a bit fun, isn't it? I love your utensil pulls, you may have started a "new thing"!! :-)


Anonymous said...

I am envious - everything looks so shiny and bright. Love your "pulls". Enjoy all that cheerfulness.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Rechelle, love the look of your pulls, they look great and they are a wonderful idea!

jen said...

Love the pulls!!

Happy sring!!


Traci @ The Bakery said...

YAY!!! I love it.....I love the ones I have on mine....I searched for a year to get enough for my kitchen....haven't tired of it yet. Your door looks GREAT!!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh girl I love the pulls what a cleaver idea..and I love your white and red kitchen..and Yes little ones do leave alot of stuff around..I just cleaned out under my stove 2 weeks ago and found a ball and it must be from my great grandson who was here almost a year ago ha ha!! tells you how often I clean under the stove...hope you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Great pulls! Love the EAT letters too, but I think I told you that before!

Sweet about finding the toys, and the earring!

I've had spring fever too, and have been cleaning and organzing. You go girl!!

Happy Birthday to your baby boy, he is so cute. Man they grow way too fast!

The Raggedy Girl said...

Love your kitchen, it is so cheery and has friendly colors. Love the spoon pulls. I should get in there and clean as I am missing shoes and a turtle. Maybe I would find them.

Sunday Blessings
from Roberta Anne

Unknown said...

Nice touch with the spoon handles. Those are pretty expensive at the store. I got the spring bug too, so much so that I repainted my master bath and bedroom in a two day period. Not completely done but my bedroom feels so nice and I feel like I'm walking into someone elses room. Love thrifty decorating!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful kitchen - so shiny and spiffy. How did you make the pulls from the spoons?

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

First, I LOVE the red doors! What a great focal point. And adding the sweet silverware pulls is genious! You have a wonderful kitchen.

Susie Homemaker said...

Oh my gosh Rechelle...I LOVE those pulls!!! What a great idea!!!!


Linda said...

Hi Rechelle...your kitchen is pretty and looks all shiney and bright. I love the new pulls, this is a cool idea. Hugs, Linda

p.s. I haven't forgotten the tag, just not sure when I'll be doing it....L

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Those pulls are so cool, Rechelle.
Were they hard to do?

Keep on with that spring cleaning☺

playsdolls said...

Love the pulls ,you have a great creative mind.I am in need of nwe pulls for my cabinets and new silver ware.Now I know what to do for cabinet pulls,no waste,I get new silver ware and new pulls.
Thanks for the wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

I love your red kitchen door!

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Dixie said...

Rechelle... beautiful job in the kitchen... I love it when mine is all clean and shiney too! (wanna come over?)hehehe...

I love the EAT and the pulls are great! Candy (from Rock Candy) and I are going to a giant flea market in a couple of weeks... I'm going to be looking for some nice old sliver... I've got some pretty silverware wind chimes that would look great in your kitchen...!

I've been busy at French Lique too being on a blogging hiatus... but I did some blogging over the weekend about my "event".. hope you'll drop by and visit soon.. and I'll see you Wordless Wednesday... this week we get to post anything we want! Wonder what everyone will do?

take care and blessings... Dixie

Kim's Treasures said...

How very Martha of you to use silverware for pulls! Very cool! I really need to go room by room and deep clean!

Have a great day!