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Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Fever- The Laundry Room...

Actually it's called the "service porch" however for this day and age, I refer to it as the "laundry room". It a small room right off my kitchen and it's what is behind those red doors I love so much.

Be warned the next scene is not a pretty one...
Hey! I warned you! That is one week of laundry piled all over the floors and overflowing the hampers.

Let the transformation begin (waving wand...pfst!)

I'm all about re=using and re=purposing when possible. It's a way of life for me as this is the way I was raised. I guess I was "green" before it was the "thing" to do. LOL!
This canister set is in great condition and it's a complete set too. It doesn't fit my decor anymore, and I don't want to alter it's appearance.

Turn the canisters around so the backs show to the front and they become "neutral".

When living in such a small space, "one" must be creative when it comes to storage solutions and decor. The "topper" is an old scarf I used to actually accessorize my clothing with "back in the day". The shelf behind the machines is a piece of scrap wood hubbs cut down, sanded, stained and sealed. It gives me space for my storage and needs.
Each "jar" holds something useful to us for this area or the kitchen area. In the biggest jar I've got laundry detergent. With such a large family I buy the industrial size bin of detergent, however it's to bulky and takes up to much space. I scoop detergent into the biggest jar and that is actually now sitting to the right of the shelf (shelf has since been centered) In the smaller jars I have drier sheets, laundry bags for those bits of apparel that need the gentle cycle, in the others is tape, scissors, rubber bands, paperclips, lost legos/toys and general miscellaneous items one needs on occasion, and in the basket are our trash bags and any single socks waiting for their mate. My stepdaughter gave me that blue enamelware cup one Christmas long ago. It now holds my "tip" money. Family is warned...if money is left in pockets and I find it floating in the washer or in the dryer....IT'S MINE! My biggest "score" to date is $60 that hubbs forgot to remove from his pocket! Yahoo!
I know my machines are not the newest or prettiest of machines, but they have served us well for the past nine years and with as much action and use that they get it's no wonder I love Kenmore so much! We do pull out extended warranties on all our appliances though, because lets face it. Wouldn't you get tired or break down every now and then if you were run a couple times a day, every day? I'm also thinking that within the next few months I'm going to be spray painting the set so that they look "clean and spiffy". I"m just waiting for warmer weather. Have any of you ever spray painted any of your appliances? If so, how did they turn out and how did they hold up?

This wonderful gem is still awaiting it's turn in the warm, sudsy water. I just wanted to show you the one original light fixture left in this house. Isn't it fabulous?! Yes, it's 1954 vintage and yes, it's in my laundry room :0)
So if you check out my last two posts, you'll know exactly how I spent my weekend. This week I hope to conquer the living room/dining room areas.

P.S. Note: I was also able to slay the dreaded laundry beast! Ha Ha! Be gone with ye' Beast of laundry.
You know, the words "wash, dry, fold repeat" went through my head so many times during the "fight". I may have to add those very words somewhere on these walls.


Anonymous said...

Nothing so satisfying as a good clear out, tidy up and refit of a room is there. Your results look great!

Ali @ A Cosy Life

Bella Della said...

Great redo. Looks wonderful.

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Looks great. LOVE the tip jar idea!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl you are just too cleaver with everything you see I would have just put the cannister out at my yard sale never thinking I could use them again..and YES I had painted appliances..I used appliance spray paint on them...held up great even on my dishwasher..I also used appliance paint on an old claw foot tub one time same thing ...have a great day and thanks for I hear someone screaming at me to Wash, Dry and Fold and then put me away...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Rechelle...

WOW...what an awesome transformation, my friend! I only have one question though...where did you get your magic wand because I really need one of those! Hehe!!! I love the idea of repurposing your pretty canisters for laundry paraphenalia! That's a great idea!!!

Okay...I have a thought about you wanting to spray paint your machines...hmmm, quite honestly I don't know how well the paint will hold up between the heavy duty usage and heat??? But I tell you what I do with mine...I use liquid dishwasher soap on mine (like Cascade) it has a very mild abrasive so it really gets to the grease and grime without scratching and the best has the best bleaching agent in it! I love the stuff and use it to clean all kinds of things (like my sinks, etc.) Anyway, just thought I'd share my cleaning tip with you!

Great transformation, my friend! Oh yes...and I love those pretty red doors too...I thought you had a pantry hiding behind them...hehe!

Warmest wishes,

Linda said...

Great laundry area...I really like re-purposing your cannisters and the tip cup is perfect. I get all the money I find too....I'd love to get $60...hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh wow it looks great!!!! I am slaying the laundry beast today... Oh Man... Sheets and Bedding to add to the lot....

Really you did a wonderful job!!!!!

Just A Gal...

Dixie said...

Rechelle... I'm not kidding when I say that our service porch/laundry rooms look exactly alike... right down to the window with blinds and a shelf... LOL (except my shelf is white and so is my room)... I've been thinking about painting it yellow... and now.. I think I will... You've made me feel guilty... guess I'd better get a move on in the housework department since my only sales appointment this afternoon was cancelled!

I can't wait to see what else all this spring fever springs forth at your house!

hugs. Dixie

Unknown said...

Good job on the laundry room....I like your way of thinking and turning your cannisters around. They fit in perfect. Too funny about your tip jar. My mom used to do the same thing....finders keepers. :)


Oh, my, do you hire out? You've done wonders! But. . . have you made provisions for those huge piles of laudry, or are you going to do it daily? LOL ar ar.

Unknown said...

That's awesome. I love the jar idea. We have a laundry closet with a shelf installed too high for anyone under 5'5" so it collects crap. I think I will have hubby move it down so I can actually reach it and then I'm putting your jar and basket idea to work for me as well. Thanks for sharing.

Faye said...


Michele said...

Oh Rechelle ~ it looks great! My washer and dryer are really old too. Let me know when you paint them...I would love to get mine new looking again!

Congrats on finding the $60...whoo hooo!


Dawn said...

You did such a great job making your room all pretty!! I like how you reused the canisters. I keep an old formula can (that tells you how old it is since Tim is 10½). I keep all the money I find in there! It's only change though. I usually only do laundry one day a week. WIth three of us that is easy to do!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Rechelle, your comment made me smile. I agree with your analogy of what goes together. I am so glad you are feeling back to yourself again. Thanks for your interest in my knee progress. Not quite back to normal, but improving. It is a slow process. I still have 2 months of therapy ahead of me.

Your laundry makeover is terrific. I love the way you thought to turn the canister set. It is handy and looks pretty too. Nice job and now you will be much happier when you walk in there.


Harbor Hon said...

Everything looks spectacular and you wouldn't know the appliances were aged from the pictures. They look just great. Love how you used the shawl on the window, wouldn't have thought of that one but I'll remember it now. Thanks for that tip.

My word verification was 'unagi.' That was the word Ross used in Friends to 'be aware of your surrounding.' Rachel said, 'Isn't that Japanese for salmon skin roll.' Too funny! xxoo

Joanne Kennedy said...

Great job! Love the way you reuse things!

I do love the light in your laundry room. I bought a light from the 40's to use in the bathroom whenever we get around to getting it finished.

Great idea on the "tip" jar. My sister does all my wash (yes I'm spoiled) and she says she is going to keep any money she finds too but thankfully she has always given it back to me. I tend to leave money in my pockets all the time.

Yes it was a very pretty day today. It's getting windy though and the nights have been chilly.


Christie said...

Everything looks great neat and organized. Wonderful ideas for the canisters too. I am really liking your policy on the money left in the pockets thing...I might just have to implement that one around my place too! LOL! You did good on the $60.00 bucks girl!
Well, I bet it feels great to have everything in it's place...I love the job you did on the linen closet...Spring Fever is here isn't it?! I do love this time of year! I hope you have a great week!
Big Hug,

Blondie's Journal said...


You have really been on a sring cleaning roll and you are making me feel guilty! :-( You are so lucky to have a laundry room off the kitchen. Mine is in the basement and it is windowless and dark. It is also a place that gets neglected because it is out of sight. It is also our storage room and we can't move in there. I could show you some very, very scary pics!!

Love your canisters and organizational ideas. We have exactly the same washing machine & dryer!!

Will love to see your appliances after you paint them Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWW,so much better...Ann

joyh82 said...

great way to re-use them! Your laundry room is so nice and tidy compared to mine.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog this morning and I'm enjoying going through your "older posts." Thank you sooooooo much for sharing the picture of your laundry room with real laundry in it! LOL! (We ALL love a touch of reality! Let's us know that we're not the Lone Rangers out here in Blogland!)