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Monday, June 23, 2008

There's something missing...

The bathroom face lift has been done for a while now, but to me it seems unfinished. Does it need more accessories? Yes! Of course! But what? I've been going through magazines trying to gain inspiration and stir up my creative juices but I think my "creativity" has gone kaput! Here you'll see the vanity area. We took the old but solid 70s vanity and gave it a new look. We sanded, primed and painted. Hubby put in the new sink top, hardware & faucet. We did add the new light fixture as well as the towel ring but I've yet to find a medicine cabinet that I like. I'm thinking something "old & vintage" would look great here. Um, excuse the trash can. It's ugly but it's a must. Another item I need to replace. I'm thinking a galvanized bucket might look pretty good.

This second photo is of the window that is directly to the left of the vanity. It's sizeable and lets in lots of natural light. The valances match the shower curtain. Notice that really cute "check" at the bottom of the valance.

Here's a bit of a peek of the shower curtain. It's the Waverly "Country Life" toile fabric and I love it! As you can see we added beadboard along the walls of the "entry" into the bathroom area. I love beadboard!

This is the opposite wall, again the beadboard and a brushed nickel towel bar. That little plant stand needed a home so I'm trying it in here. I'm not sure if I should paint it black or white. The little basket sitting on top of it is stashed with extra hand towels and hand lotions. The basket below will be spray painted white (sometime) and is also loaded with extra hand towels. I'm thinking for this part of the floor I may add a black bathroom mat or try and find the coordinating bath mats that went with this Waverly line. Might be tough but Ebay never seems to let me down.

This last picture is a full view (minus camode) of the bathroom.


Krysten said...

I love the idea for the bucket for the trash can. I agree that something is missing too but I am not sure what. I love the shower curtain and valence. I have always loved that type of fabric.

Stephanie said...

Love love love the fabric of the shower curtain and the valance! Love the beadboard too! Bathroom looks great Rechelle!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

I LOVE this color!!!
I would hang some vintage plates, or toile plates on either side of the mirror. Two on each side, or perhaps three depending on the scale.
Is there a before pic? I'll go see...

Victoryperfect said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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