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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've been Tagged! Three or More Thursday 1/15

Linda at Somewhere in Time tagged me with a fun meme and I thought "Why not? I'll play!"
Now here are the directions: Open a document or photo folder, choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder. Do a post describing the photo. Tag five friends to do the Meme. So here's mine....
You've all met Miss Cookie's N' Cream (her registered name) or as my kids call her
"Cookie Elizabeth Travees Von Schnauzer. Don't ask me why, I don't know (lol!). This picture was taken one chilly Autumn morning. Schnauzers do not have "fur". They have hair, and my little miss has rather thin and fine hair so even though I let her hair grow long in the cooler months, it doesn't do much to keep her warm. One day, while perusing the racks at the thrift store, I decided I'd buy her a sweater. I found this little yellow knitted sweater in the infants section. I rolled up the sleeves so that it would fit her short, little legs. I think she looks rather "bright & sunny". Just what was needed that chilly morning.

I'm tagging
Raggedy Girl @ Little House in the Desert
A new blogerrina who I've loved getting to know. She is such a sweet lady and visiting her blog always gives me that "warm, cozy" feeling.
Bella @ Bella Della
Bella didn't know this but I kind of envy that she lives on a farm with a quaint little general store. The history and beauty that surround her are Awesome to me!
Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage
Carrie is a wonderful lady who's strong foundation of faith inspires me.
Angie @ Sandals & Daisies
Angie is creative, fun, optimistic, gracious and has a blog that just makes you feel so welcome!
Dawn @ Dawn's Daybreak
Dawn is just AWESOME! She's awesome Dawn. I love that she shares her days, her "going's on", her love of family and welcomes you in with the invitation to grab a cup of coffee and sit a while.

It's also time for Three or More Thursday which is hosted by Tam @ The Gypsy's Corner. Give her a visit and see who else is sharing collections today. If you haven't all ready joined in the fun, sign up and play with us!

I know I've shared this on my blog in the past, but it's been a while, so I thought I'd share them again. This is a bit of my collection of vintage postcards. All of these are from the 40s.

Cape Cod, Massachusettes

Provincetown, MassachusettesBangor, Maine
Clearwater, Florida

This is the back of the Cape Cod post card. Some of what it says:
Dear Neighbor,
Yesterday i got to thinking of the happy visits you and Chas used to make on me. I did enjoy them so much. I have only one roomer now. Expect more soon, but Labor Day is not far away. Hope you have had a lot of fresh vegetables.

Sent August 16, 1943. Notice the "1-cent" stamp
Thanks for stopping by and spending a bit of your day with me. I hope you have a terrific Thursday!


Anonymous said...

What a precious picture!

Kim's Treasures said...

That was a fun post! Hope your day is wonderful!


Neabear said...

I love those postcards. So precious! So we have 4th folder with 4th picture and 5th folder with 5th picture. I imagine soon it will be 6th folder with 6th picture and so on. Thanks for visiting me again!! Happy Thursday! Now I gotta go to work. Came home after my EKG appointment this am to change before heading to work. I hope my heart is okay. I guess I will find out on Monday when I go back to to doctor. At least my blood work up came out okay.

Bella Della said...

Thank you so, so much for the tag and sweet words. I appreciate it so much. I feel so lucky and I am glad I get to share it all with you guys.

Hope you are having a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

What a little precious fuzzy face! You know she is Chloe Dawn's cousn - both being Schnauzers. So cute in her little sweater.
Love those pictures. Have a marvelous day!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Angie said...

Oh, you are the sweetest! Thank you for the nice really made me smile! I have not done this tag before so I will make sure to post mine fun! I love the idea of putting a newborn sweater on the doggie...I bet it was so much warmer and probably alot less expensive!

Linda said...

What a cute picture and I love her little sweater. Miss Cookie's N' Cream and I have somthing in common...I have fine thin hair too:).Neat post, thanks for playing along...have a happy day. hugs, Linda

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Hi Rechelle,
what a beautiful Schnauzer and she looks adorable in her sweater.
Love the vintage postcards, each one being a little work of art and how fun to read the back from so many years ago. Thank you for participating in 'Three or More - Thursday'.
Wishing you a wonderful evening,

ellen b. said...

Hello Rechelle,
It's so much fun to look at these old postcards...
Thanks for sharing them :0)

Tracy said...

Hi Rechelle! Thanks for visiting me. I love the vintage postcards, it's so great that there is a friendly note on the back, what a great find!

PS Miss Cookie is adorable!

LillyB said...

I love these post cards!!!