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Friday, August 8, 2008

My best "bargain". My best "find"

Carolyn at Cranberry Crossings has shared what her favorite "bargain" was and wanted to know about others. I decided I'd post mine too and add my best "find" also.

This vanity was a present from my hubby. He found it at a yard sale and snatched it up for $40The decorations underneath the nativity...FREE! All of them. Some were things given to me by one of my neighbors. She was cleaning out her stuff as she was going in a more formal and sophisticated direction for her Christmas decorating. The other decorations were gifts from my Bunco group. The lady who hosts the Bunco for the month, supplies the dinner and the rest of us bring her a gift of her choice. That year I was hosting for the month of December and asked everyone to bring me Christmas Decor. There's more, but not in this particular picture.As for "finds". My family and I took a family vacation to Arizona and of course no visit to Arizona should be made without a stop at the Grand Canyon. It's absolutely breath taking. Words cannot describe the absolute awe I felt upon my first view of this magnificent creation.Now here is probably my greatest find (LOL). Her name is Daisy. She is a standard Poodle, although in this picture she is not sporting her froo froo "do". On a rather beautiful winter's day, January 30th, my hubby and I decided to take our youngest child to the park for some fun before we had to pick up the rest of the kids from school. We were playing in the sand when this young dog came bounding upon us (literally). She was so friendly, jumping and playing. I thought for sure she belonged to someone. No one claimed her. Then I noticed how her collar was to tight and how thin she appeared. I didn't have the heart to just leave her at the park, so we brought her with us when we went to pick up the kids. We stopped at our vet's office and luckily this girl had a microchip. The registered owner was called and he claimed to have given her up to the county shelter just before Christmas. He claimed she was destructive, hyper, never listened, always got out of her yard and freaked out when it rained. I didn't have the heart to take her back to a shelter and made the decision to bring her home and I would put up flyers to see if someone would claim her, because if she was given to the shelter in December and running the streets in January that would mean someone adopted her...right? I also contacted the shelter and discovered to my dismay that this gal was never relinquished to them. They also had the information of the registered owner. I was just saddened to think this little girl had been running the street for over a month's time. That explained the to thin body and the to tight collar. Well per our county laws, if no one claims the dog in 10 days time, the finder of the dog is able to officially adopt. Well, needless to say we fell in love with this girl and made her ours. She is the sweetest thing! Yes, she was unruly and hyper, but all she needed was guidance, love and a patient hand. We gave all those things and more. She has blended well with our other dogs and runs happily in her "pack". She has learned her commands as well as "shake and play dead". She is quick to pick up tricks and is so eager to please. She has been a great "find" and wonderful addition to our already big family.


Cottagecheap said...

A salute from one cottage lovin', standard poodle having gal to another!

I hate people who don't do the right thing by their dogs.

I am happy she found you!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

I love your best bargain finds, but I love your sweet little doggie! What a story! What a great souvineir to bring home, eh?

Kim's Treasures said...

What a great story! She's a sweet looking doggie! I love the vanity your hubby bought for you! What a sweetie!
Have a great Friday!!!


Hi Rechelle,
I love your Daisy story, put a little tear in my eye. You were suppose to have her !!!! You know that I'm a HUGE dog lover. Bless you for keeping her :) The vanity your hubby bought you is very nice. I like the big mirror :)
Take Care. Warmly, Deb

Traci @ The Bakery said...

We adopted our Daisy Doodle...and can't BELIEVE that someone would have given her up. She is house trained, kennel trained, loves riding in the car, guards my purse....just precious.

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Ok, I didn't even realize we both have a dog named Daisy....too funny.

Dawn said...

What a sweet story about your dog. I am glad you both found each other. It is like it was meant to be!!!

take care,

Bella Della said...

I just discovered your blog over at Kim's Treasures. I'm delighted to find you and have been enjoying reading through your old posts. You have a beautiful home. Please visit me sometime over at BellaDella.

Have a great weekend!

Anna Marie said...

That was such a sweet story about your favorite little find. I am an animal person and that just touched my heart. Good for you!

Heidi Ann said...

I LOVE your vanity - it's absolutely gorgeous!